Caring for your spine through the right kind of movement

Research shows that our pain and musculoskeletal problems are reflected in the way we move. The Key Moves® exercise programmes addresses this by retraining your body to move naturally and freely and stop the detrimental habits that have contributed to your current pain.  You will learn to move from the ‘deep’ postural muscle system and help re-establish important, ‘key’ basic patterns of movement control in the spine, pelvis and shoulders necessary for a healthy, fit, strong and robust musculoskeletal system.

If you have back pain, persistent ‘injuries', are constantly run down or feel tight and stiff the chances are the way you move is part of the problem. The classes offer a supervised small group learning environment where you can enjoy the challenge of exercising in a way that rebuilds important patterns of control, is safe for the spine and helps promote your general musculo-skeletal fitness and well being.The exercises are gentle, yet challenging, requiring a combination of attention, breath control and strength. The programme is actually retraining your brain, using neuroplasticity, to move better.

The Key Moves® Therapeutic exercise programs were developed by Josephine Key and her colleagues to maximise your body's potential.


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Classes are an hour long - with up to 10 people.

They are conducted by therapists from our practice who have undergone substantial training in the 'Key Moves'® method.

The mat-work sessions involve a combination of floor exercises and anti-gravity sequences building upon these. Participants wear loose comfortable clothing and work with bare feet. Mats, pillows, bolsters and other equipment is provided.

The class therapist will monitor you to see you are doing the exercises properly and will have been informed by your treating therapist of any things you should avoid.

Classes are attended on the recommendation of your treating therapist. Anyone wishing to attend who is not a current patient must first be assessed by one of our therapists.

The classes are suitable for people of any age, with any level of fitness. They can also be done by those who have restricted movement due to injury or musculo-skeletal problems.


This initial level has a high education component to help you understand about, and experience selectively moving your body in ways that you will not be used to. This will include awareness of a ‘neutral spine’, proper ‘core control’ and ‘breath control’ which contribute towards the foundation control necessary for more healthy stability and strength in our movement system You are in some respects relearning how to move and also control 'key' regions - you will be relearning to move from the inside out and exercising your brain as much as your brawn!

Level One

This follows on from the preliminary level with some content repetition as well as adding a bit more challenge in controlling movement. Those of you with more entrenched problems will feel happier to stay in this level.

Level Two

Participants in this level will have progressed from the level one classes or, in some circumstances, enter directly from the preliminary module. The challenge to correct exercise and movement performance continues.

Level Three

This level is suitable for those of you who have 'bedded down the basics well' and find it enjoyable to be more challenged in the classes - and can cope with this!

Level Four

This level is for those of you who have been attending the classes for some time and have progressed through the levels as your ability improves. These are our most challenging classes.

The Key Moves® Principles can be integrated into many other forms of exercise helping to ensure that exercising is not only safe, but also promotes optimum healthy control of the spine and pelvis.

For the benefit of our patients in addition to our core Key Moves® Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes, we are offering a further range of classes.

Key Moves 4 Yoga®

Key Moves 4 Pilates®

Key Moves 4 Kids'®

Tai Chi For Health

Key Moves® 4 Balance

Key Moves® Individual Exercise Therapy Sessions

People attend weekly for the full term. Classes run as for the public school terms and range between 9 and 11 weeks' duration.

Classes are conducted at 5 levels – Preliminary; Levels 1, 2, 3 and 4 (see details below)

Once they have learnt the basics, clients enter the general class stream at a level suitable for their abilities. Some people attend several (or more!) classes a week! Many of our clients have been doing our classes for years as a basic routine that helps them manage their problem and stay pain-free.

The classes are conducted in our dedicated exercise studio upstairs at 4/212 New South Head Road Edgecliff – across the road from the Eastpoint Centre.

Enrollment is by the term and payable before term commencement up until the end of  first week of term to secure your place.

We endeavour to provide an array of class times to suit the needs of most people, so booking early will ensure your preferred time and day.

Our programme is about creating change. By enrolling in the classes you are subscribing to a specialised programme of exercises. These develop from week to week in a structured manner over the term, and are taught by the same therapist. Class numbers are limited to ensure adequate supervision.

Costs are $27.50 per class - $275 per 10 week term or $302.50 per 11 week term. Enrollments finalised after the end of the first week of term  are charged at $30.00/class - $300.00 per 10 week term  - $330.00 for an 11 week term. If you enroll for two or more classes a week, cost per class is $25.00. Casual classes (special circumstances apply) are $35.00 a class. The amount of health fund reimbursement varies between health funds.

We really care about helping you achieve the best results possible. To optimise the benefits from consistent class attendance we have made some changes in our class policy:
We require payment for the whole term before term commencement to secure 'your place' in your particular class.

Because we have a waiting list of people wanting to get into most classes we cannot hold 'your place' in your chosen class unless you enrol for the whole term.

Any missed classes during the term can be made up in the dedicated make-up classes. Subject to availability and suitability, you may be able to make-up in another class conducted by your usual class teacher.

If you are away for an extended period and elect not to enrol for the whole term (in order to secure 'your place') but to attend those classes that you can, you may attend on a 'casual basis'. However, we can only guarantee casual places in the dedicated make-up classes. Cost per casual class is $30.00. Please be aware that should you elect this option, you may have lost 'your place' in your chosen class as re-enrolment priority is given to those already enrolled in the current term.

We understand that situations arise which are unavoidable, however we do not credit or refund missed classes.

The dedicated ‘make-up classes’ are available on Tuesdays at 8.30 am and Saturdays at 9.00 am. To be eligible to attend a make-up class, you will need to inform the clinic of your inability to attend your usual class and accordingly book into a make-up class. These are filled on a first in first served basis hence we cannot guarantee available spaces in these classes. We usually conduct a few ‘holiday classes’ at various times over the term break and these can also be used as make-up classes. Make-up classes are not transferable between terms.

To enrol, please contact Kerryn or the other admin staff at the clinic.