"If you keep doing the same thing, you will get the same results." - This saying can be painfully true for people with recurrent spinal pain and many related pain disorders.

A fit and healthy musculoskeletal system ensures good health and well-being and the absence of pain and 'injuries'. If you are injury prone, feel stiff and tight and/or suffer aches and pains, the chances are that you need our help. Daily clinical experience also shows us that people are often doing exercise and fitness programmes that are adding to their problems.

You can stop the cycle with the help of our classes. Our studies have shown that people’s problems are reflected in the way they move, so we tackle the underlying cause by helping you re-train your body to move more naturally and stop the detrimental habits that have led to pain.

As part of your clinic treatment programme your treating therapist will prescribe certain exercises to optimally complement your manual treatment.

However, we also understand that motivation and compliance can be a problem and that many of our clients find it difficult to remember ‘how’ to properly perform their exercises. This is not surprising in view of the fact that rather than ‘needing to be stronger’, research is increasingly demonstrating that people with spinal pain and related pain disorders actually have more difficulty organising and controlling movement - it's difficult to get the exercises right! Some of our clients want to do more 'safe exercise' in general.

To meet our patients' needs, we have developed the unique Key Moves® Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes as a more specialised and tailored exercise resource for people suffering from spinal and pelvic pain and a host of related musculo-skeletal pain disorders. The classes offer a supervised small group learning environment where you can enjoy the challenge of exercising in a way that rebuilds important patterns of control, is safe for the spine and helps promote your general musculo-skeletal fitness and well being.

In addition our patients have the option of extended 'one on one' exercise therapy sessions with their treating physiotherapist.

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