The Key Approach, developed by Josephine Key and her colleagues, is a model that explains how spinal dysfunction underlies the development of not only spinal pain, but most musculoskeletal pain and sports injuries. This approach simplifies spinal dysfunction and outlines how everyday movements contribute to spinal and musculoskeletal pain and other injuries throughout the body.

The body is viewed as an integrated whole in the Key Approach and the model explains how dysfunction is not only in a joint or muscle, but is evident in the neuromuscular, skeletal and fascial systems. Changing function and reducing pain involves a combination of manual and movement therapies.

The approach challenges the pathophysiological approach to injuries and treatment and instead provides simple diagnostic tools, treatment techniques and exercises to return the body to its optimal function.

The 'Key Moves'® Therapeutic Exercise Programme was developed using these principles and helps clients learn the fundamental patterns of movement  required for optimal function. The programmes are graded to help clients transition back into the exercise of their choice.

Josephine Key is the author of Back Pain: A Movement Problem, an academic text-book which outlines the Key Approach and she also teaches the Key Approach to therapists across the globe.