‘Key Moves 4 Kids’™ is a specifically designed exercise programme for children to help improve their ‘core’ strength and control, fine and gross motor control, balance and co-ordination. Postural pains are reduced and functional difficulties are surmounted.

The exercise classes incorporate ‘The Key Moves’® principles of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Control: moving well with correct spinal alignment, movement dissociation and integration, activating the deep muscle system for postural and functional control.

The class will also incorporate the ‘Move to Learn’ exercises designed by Barbara Pheloung. These have been performed throughout Australia, and have been shown to improve the ability and the capacity for children to learn. Using developmental sequential movement patterns, the exercises integrate the senses and open neural pathways in the brain (neuroplasticity).

This is a 10 week course of group exercise for children aged 5 to 12 years.

Children of a younger age can attend for individual exercise programmes by appointment.

Answering yes to this questionnaire (pdf) will give you an idea of your child’s suitability for these classes.

We require that all children attending the classes undergo a prior assessment in the clinic – performed by Caroline Harley, the physiotherapist conducting the class.

The class will run from 4.45 pm to 5.30 pm on Tuesdays during the public school term.

The children shall also be given a simple home exercise programme to do – for 10 minutes daily.

For further information on ‘Move to Learn’ see www.movetolearn.com.au