‘Key Moves 4 Pilates’® is a mat based exercise class.

It combines the benefits of a modified version of Joseph Pilates original mat-work exercises developed by the APPI (Australian Pilates and Physiotherapy Institute)  with the innovative and unique ‘Key Moves’® Programme of Therapeutic Exercises and Movement Control.

The ‘Key Moves 4 Pilates’® exercises are based upon the latest scientific knowledge and research on the effects of spinal pain on our deep core muscles and on muscle imbalance theories. These classes provide an opportunity for you to focus more specifically upon addressing the proper retraining and reconditioning of these deep ‘core muscles’. This is can be difficult to re-learn, and some of our clients need/want a more individualised ‘Pilates approach’ to help them re-establish these important patterns necessary for healthy spino-pelvic movement control.

The overall effect of this is to help improve your posture, your body awareness and your ‘core control’ – all necessary if you want a fit, strong, well-conditioned and healthy body.

How will ‘Key Moves 4 Pilates’® benefit me?

‘Getting it right’ is important when learning to properly retrain your ‘core’. If you are finding this difficult ‘to get’– as many do, you may benefit from a more focused approach to re-establishing ‘the basics’ of control covered in the ‘Key Moves 4 Pilates’® classes

Who can attend the class?

Classes are open to all, however you will have to complete an assessment at our clinic prior to class commencement to ensure that the ‘Key Moves 4 for Pilates’® is the most suitable option for you.

If you are currently a client at the clinic, your treating physiotherapist can advise you on whether these classes are suitable to best aid your recovery.

As classes progress on a weekly basis and require the mastering of certain key skills, to ensure safe practice of the exercise, beginners are not permitted to enter the beginner class once the term has commenced.

Qualifications of the Instructor

Brid Leahy is a Physiotherapist with Degree and Masters Qualifications. She is a fully certified APPI Pilates Mat-work Instructor. She has also undergone extensive in-house training in the ‘Key Moves’® Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Control.