These unique Therapeutic Yoga classes combine the benefits of the innovative ‘Key Moves’® principles of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Control and the wisdom of Yoga.

The ‘Key Moves 4 Yoga’® classes are based upon the latest scientific knowledge and research on the effects of spinal pain on our deep core muscles and on muscle imbalance theories. These classes provide an opportunity for you to focus more specifically upon addressing the proper retraining and reconditioning of these deep ‘core muscles’ while also offering a safe and therapeutic form of integrated yoga.

The focus will be upon optimal musculo-skeletal health and well-being and mindfulness practice.

How will ‘Key Moves 4 Yoga’® benefit me?

These classes are staged at a level 1/beginner level appropriate to people who would like to try a more gentle yoga class, or who have had injuries or have re-injured themselves while doing yoga in the past.

Unfortunately, some Yoga students are often pushed beyond their capabilities – and that is why the injuries occur. A ‘good yoga teacher’ has over many years of enquiry and dedicated practice, developed sufficient understanding in the integrated function of the body to be able to impart that knowledge and guide the student in the safe practice of yoga.

These classes will focus upon developing a better kinaesthetic awareness and proper function

Who can attend the class?

Classes are open to all, however you will have to complete an assessment with the class instructor at our clinic prior to class commencement to ensure that the ‘Key Moves 4 for Yoga’® is the most suitable option for you.

If you are currently a client at the clinic, your treating physiotherapist can advise you as to which ‘Key Moves’® Exercise class is the most suitable to best aid your recovery.

We require term enrolment and regular attendance each week to help you master certain key skills and ensure safe practice

Qualifications of the instructor

Fiona Condie joined  us in 1996 and has been a Senior Associate within the practice since 2002. She commenced Iyengar yoga practice in 1995, primarily under the instruction of Peter Thompson and Sue Ellen Kohler. In 2013 Fiona completed a 350 hour Level 1 Hatha Yoga Australia Teacher Training under Kate Pell. This teacher training resonated well with Fiona, considering there were strong influences from both Iyengar and Donna Farhi in the asana practice.

‘Key Moves 4 Yoga’® is a beginner level practice.