What is unique about the ‘Key Moves’® Exercise Programme?

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In essence, you will learn to move more from your deep muscle system. This method aims to retrain and re-condition the ‘deep’ postural muscle system and help re-establish important, ‘key’ basic patterns of movement control in the spine and pelvic and shoulder girdle necessary for a more healthy, fit, strong and robust musculo-skeletal system. As these ‘fundamental patterns of control’ become better established, they are further integrated into more challenging exercises and functional movement patterns. The programme also addresses the health and fitness of the fascial system to further improve whole body flexibility and movement ease.

Spinal pain research is increasingly demonstrating the importance of the deep sensori-motor system in healthy postural and movement control of the trunk. When this deep muscle system is lazy and weak, the body compensates by over-engaging some of the large more superficial trunk muscles for the job – and that is where problems start to occur for the spine and pelvis. This substandard control leads to ‘injuries’, pains, tightness and stiffness etc.

Unfortunately a number of strength, fitness, and ‘core stabilisation’ training programmes don’t pay enough attention to deep system control in the trunk – instead, the tendency is to overly work the large muscles, contributing to the development of many pains and ‘injuries’ – and the need to ‘use the roller’ and stretch all the time.

We have developed the ‘Key Moves’® Programme of Therapeutic Exercise and Movement Classes to provide you with the right exercises – and to help you ‘get it right’. You will learn how to change your movement patterns and develop a better awareness of how your body is meant to move.

We teach you simple but effective ways to overcome bad posture and breathing habits, healthy ways of stretching and strengthening and the correct way to position your body in daily activities such as sitting, bending and lifting.

The results can be impressive. Patients from teenagers, busy office workers, active sports participants to people in their 80’s are finding significant and lasting benefits from the classes.

Due to a perceived need, we have further enlarged the scope of the “Key Moves”® Programme and we are now also offering “Key Moves 4 Yoga”®; “Key Moves 4 Pilates”®; “Key Moves 4 Kids”®; and “Key Moves”for Balance classes. For details of these programmes see below. We will shortly be offering “Key Moves 4 Students” classes.

Incorporating the “Key Moves”® principles into other forms of exercise and specific work, sports and leisure activities not only helps ensure better performance – but you look and feel better!. The ‘Key Moves’® principles have been integrated into the teaching syllabus of the Yogalates Teacher Training Programme.

Who developed the ‘Key Moves’®?

The ‘Key Moves’® Principles are based on the latest scientific research, and the extensive clinical observation and research and practical experience of Josephine Key and Senior members of her team. The programme is physiotherapy based and integrates our clinical observations with the latest available scientific evidence relating to the myo-fascial system and how the brain controls movement. It also incorporates elements of Pilates, Feldenkrais, and Iyengar yoga and the influence of other respected thinkers who have aided our understanding of healthy musculo-skeletal function. We have been conducting these classes since 2001. The ‘Key Moves’® methodology is under constant review and continues to evolve as new evidence comes to light.

To learn more, we recommend you read the articles by our therapists on specific issues.