Sherston Sheridan

Masters Physiotherapy; B. Exercise Physiology (AEP)


Sherston is a physiotherapist with a deep understanding of healthy human movement and control.

Sherston has a Masters of Physiotherapy, a Bachelor of Exercise Physiology and a Diploma of Massage Therapy.

Combining exercise therapy, which includes postural re-patterning and motor control, yoga  and Feldenkrais, with manual therapy and education, Sherston helps people to become more aware of the way they move. This understanding enables them to develop more appropriate movement habits, consequently ameliorating pain and discomfort. She also uses dry needling as an adjunct to treatment.

If you have a question about exercise, “what is the right one for me? Is my gym program doing me more harm than good?  I want to start to run but don’t want to get injured? Why do I get a sore shoulder when I do downward dog pose?”  Sherston will be able to provide guidance. It doesn’t matter if you’re a child, an athlete or an older person Sherston’s advice is appropriate.

Sherston is a competitive athlete, in swimming, cycling, paddling and running, with a passion for endurance events. Experience in these sports and yoga has made her appreciate the importance of adopting correct breathing, postural and movement patterns in the prevention and treatment of injury and disease.