Have you ever observed people in the park doing Tai Chi and wondered what that’s all about?  I (Andrea Clift) did and decided to explore this form of exercise originating from ancient China based on the martial arts.

I discovered “Tai Chi for Health” which was created by Dr Paul Lam and is practiced throughout the world as exercise for a healthy body and mind. The classes are supported by scientific research to show reduced risk of falling and improved bone health so, the perfect addition to our therapeutic classes timetable.

The movements are slow and gentle, smooth and circular.  The physical benefits are many:  improved balance, strength, flexibility, agility, body awareness, posture, coordination and stamina.

The mental training of Tai Chi will also improve concentration, sleep, memory, relaxation and relieve stress.  It ultimately trains the “body-mind”, in fact it is often referred to as a “moving meditation”.

The ‘Key Moves’® principles of correct breathing patterns and healthy spino-pelvic and shoulder girdle alignment are emphasised  in this programme.  In fact the “inner strength” that is sought in Tai chi is no different to the internal support we are seeking in all our forms of therapy be it our core ‘Key Moves’® Programme, or ancillary ‘Key Moves’® Programmes for Yoga; Pilates and Kids – or one on one treatment.

All classes are practiced in standing  although some may prefer to do part of the class in sitting.  We wear comfortable clothing and either bare feet or light footwear.

In its simplest form Tai Chi is a safe form of exercise for almost anyone, the basics are easy to learn.  However you may be inspired to explore the depths of Tai chi to discover a clarity of mind and vital energy you didn’t know was possible.